Dear VACE Supporter,

For over 55 years, the Virginia Association of Colleges and Employers (VACE) has facilitated connections, communications, and networking between:
•    employers who hire college students and alumni
•    the career services staff who serve those students
•    and the associate members who serve the profession.

In April of each year, VACE holds an annual conference that serves as a professional development resource and a networking forum for our members.  This year's conference will provide VACE members an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on our past accomplishments, and embrace our future challenges!  The annual conference promises to be an exciting opportunity of professional engagement for both college and employer members alike. We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us for the event!

As in the past, the success of our annual conference has largely been due to the contributions of our sponsors who have gone out of their way to lend financial support to VACE. 

In return, VACE conference sponsors receive a significant amount of exposure in recognition of their contributions. Sponsors are recognized through placement of company logos on the VACE website and annual conference programs, as well as event signage and periodic announcements made throughout the conference.

As an organization that supports the career development and employment of college students, you are an ideal partner for this event and would benefit greatly from the additional exposure that you would have to organizations with an interest in hiring students and recent graduates. 

Sponsorship package options are available to meet your organization’s needs as detailed on our sponsorship form (coming soon).

Please hold the date for the conference, and contact me should you have any questions regarding the sponsorship opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dorothy Hayden, VACE Director of Finance


2021 Sponsor

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