VACE Awards

Recognizing our 2022 award winners

New Professional Award:  Kara Douglas, Career & Internship Counselor, University of Lynchburg

Emerging Leader Award:  Amanda Tintaya, Project Manager, Shenandoah University

John L. Chase Meritorious Service Award:  GiGi Davis, Job & Internship Coordinator, Piedmont Virginia Community College

Isabel Gordon Distinguished Service Award:  Laura Yu HIckerson, Associate Director for Employee Relations, James Madison University

Patricia J. Carretta Special Achievement Award:  Samara Reynolds, Director, Virginia Commonwealth University Career Services

Honorary Lifetime Membership:  Christine Harriger, Owner, Career & Life Coach, Career View

VACE Spirit Award:  Philip Wilkerson, Industry Advisor, George Mason University

Award Descriptions:

Honorary Lifetime Membership

Honorary Lifetime Membership honors those who have made notable contributions to VACE, the furthering of the career services and college relations functions, as well as regular participation in the Association. Members can be nominated for this award the year they plan to retire or anytime following their retirement or resignation from VACE.

A. Isabel Gordon Distinguished Service Award

The A. Isabel Gordon Distinguished Service Award honors those who have rendered a continuing and superior level of service and leadership to the Association, and may be awarded to persons who are currently members of the Association, the regional Association(s), or the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

John L. Chase Meritorious Service Award

The John L. Chase Meritorious Service Award honors those who have made exceptionally valuable contributions to cooperative education, career services or college recruiting, who have been continuous and ardent workers in the ranks over a long period of time and whose services deserve recognition.

New Professional Award

The New Professional Award honors an outstanding VACE member with 1 to 3 years of experience in the field of career services, college recruiting, or college student employment who has made notable contribution in their current professional role. 

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award is presented to a VACE member who has made a significant contribution through service, on a committee, a task force, or in some other capacity that has continued the mission of VACE.

Patricia J. Carretta Special Achievement Award

The Patricia J. Carretta award may be given to a member who has made a significant contribution to VACE during the past year. This award recognizes outstanding performance in carrying out special assignments or appointments. They have distinguished themselves as role models in their dedication to and advocacy for career services and HR professionals. The recipient should possess leadership qualities, a positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for the organization.

VACE Spirit Award 

The VACE Spirit Award is given to an individual and/or a team who have participated in and won the most social media engagement during the VACE Spirit Challenge: a friendly social media competition leading up to the VACE Conference for current members to share why they are looking forward to attending! The award also comes with bragging rights until the next conference! 

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is presented annually to board members as they complete their term on the board of VACE. It is with great appreciation that we thank them for their dedication, service and leadership to VACE.

Celebration of Retirement Award

The Celebration of Retirement Award recognizes those members that have recently retired from career services, recruiting, or other areas of career development and shows appreciation for their membership in VACE.  

Past Award Winners:

Honorary Lifetime Membership

Christine Harriger, Toni McLawhorn, Beverly Forbes, Blake Wingfield, James McBride, Ellen (Masters) Postel, Sam Ratcliffe, Gregg Paul, Col. F.H. Barksdale, James L. Bell, Stanley Brown, William H. Cato, James L. Dunn, J. Norwood Evans, Androniki Fallis, Andy Ferguson, Joy Flowers, S. Lee Fulcher, Q. Damon Gasque, Jim Hardin, Robert Hunt, Karen Knierim, Thomas Langston, Jim Malone, Nick Markham, Alphonso McCain, Tony Michael, Norris P. Moses, Thomas A. Nardi, Peggy-Ann Neumann, John Payne, Lawrence Simpson, Carol Steentofte, Donald Sutton, Isabel Gordon Swift, George Wells, Jean Yerian, John Couch, Lesli Henry, Patricia Carretta, Renee Herrell, Mary Schilling, Beverly Lorig, Mary Meade Saunders, Debbie Wilson, Donnie Brown, Rol Walters

A. Isabel Gordon Distinguished Service Award

Laura Yu Hickerson (2022), Dorothy Hayden (2021), Christina Brooks (2020), Kristin Stephens (2020), Melody Iannone (2019), Amy Foster (2016), Ashley Crute (2015), Sarah Hobgood (2014), Barbara Hampton (2013), Chandra Lane (2013), Blake Wingfield (2012), Cristie Lucas (2011), James Barricelli (2010), Gigi Davis-White (2009), Lesli Henry (2008), Pam Herrmann (2007), Beverly Lorig (2006), John Couch (2005), Donna Cassell-Ratcliffe (2004), Toni McLawhorn (2003), Karen Knierim (2002), Rol Walters (2000), Jim McBride (1999), George Morris (1998), Joy Flowers (1997) , Carter Hopkins (1996), Sam Ratcliffe (1995), Robert Hunt (1994), Patricia Carretta (1993), Gregg Paul (1992), Jean Yerian (1991), James Malone (1990), John Payne (1989), Stanley Brown (1988), Isabel Gordon Swift (1978), Fred Scott (1971), James Dunn (1970) 

Emerging Leader Award

Amanda Tintaya (2022), Amanda Grantham (2021), Philip Wilkerson (2020), Steven White (2019), Dannita Trice (2017), Emma Maynard (2016), Dorothy Hayden (2015), Raphaela Kamholtz (2014), Monica Hill (2014), Sarah Hobgood (2013), Katie Tibbitts (2012), Amanda Gardner (2011), Kathy Payne (2011), Raphaela Kamholtz (2010), Sandy Turnage (2010), Laura Czerniak (2010), Barbara Hampton (2009), Becca Scott (2008), Chandra Lane (2008), Alice Jones (2007), Laura Yu Hickerson (2006), Denise Meadows (2006), Katy Malesky (2005), Kara Yarnot (2004), Claire Childress (2003), Gary Michael (2002), Catherine Copeland (2001), Susan Brault (2000), Ellen Taylor (1999) 

John L. Chase Meritorious Service Award

GiGi Davis (2022), Carolyn Sutphin (2021), Joseph Lyons (2020), Francis McBride (2019), Monica Hill (2016), Cristie Lucas (2015), Becca Scott (2014), Toni McLawhorn (2013), Laura Hickerson (2012), Clint Foster (2011), Erin Ogburn (2010), Christine Harringer (2009), Manon Moynihan (2007), Debbie Wilson (2007), Gigi Davis-White (2006), Lesli Henry (2005), Pam Herrmann (2004), Anne Meehan (2003), Donna Cassell-Ratcliffe (2002) , Toni McLawhorn (2002), Mary Meade Saunders (2001), Joy Flowers (2000), Deborah Sue Lyon (2000), Andy Ferguson (1998), Karen Knierim (1997), Tony Michaels (1997)

New Professional Award

Kara Douglas (2022), Monique Sample (2021), Amanda Tintaya (2020), Jenna Rowlands (2019), Jonathan Byers (2018), Kelly Gooch (2016), Sara Greene (2015), Emily Culbertson (2011), Sarah Hobgood (2010), Crystal Tull (2008), Ellen Masters (2006), Ian Mooers (2005), Krista Leighton (2004), Sandy Crump Turnage (2004), Kandace McGinnis (2003), Linda Soller (2003), Peggy Hathaway Spiak (2002), Eric Johnson (2002), Debbie Wilson (2001), Mike Hobbs (2000)

Patricia J. Carretta Special Achievement Award

Samara Reynolds (2022), Christina Brooks (2021), Dorothy Hayden (2020), Andy Park (2019), Dannita Trice (2018), Peggy Reed (2017), Denise Meadows (2016), Toni McLawhorn (2015), Ellen Masters (2014), Michael Lawston (2013), Christine Harriger (2012), Bev Reid (2011), Crystal Lawston (2011), Gary Johnson (2011), Jeannine Lawrie (2010), Barbara Hampton (2009), Chandra Lane (2009), Claire Childress (2008), Susan Brault (2008), Erin Ogburn (2007), Claire Childress (2007), Suzanne Wade (2007), Connie Hayes (2006), Erin Ogburn (2006), Clint Foster (2006), Sandy Turnage (2005), Mark Clark (2005), Mary Meade Saunders (2004), Kara Yarnot (2004), Catherine Copeland (2003), Jackie Jamison (2003), Gigi Davis-White (2002)

Spirit Award

Individual: Philip Wilkerson - George Mason University (2022), Kristen Coffey - Virginia Tech (2016)

Organization: George Mason University (2019), University of Virginia (2018), James Madison University (2017), James Madison University (2016), University of Virginia, Christopher Newport University (2015)