Mission & Vision

The mission of VACE is to facilitate career development and growth among career services and employer members, and promote the accomplishment of professional goals by providing opportunities for relationship building and professional development activities.


The organization was founded in 1963 as the Virginia College Placement Association (VCPA). In 1995, VCPA merged with the Virginia Association for Cooperative Education (VACE), and was renamed the Virginia Association of Colleges and Employers (VACE). The corporation is non-profit and supported solely through its membership dues and registration fees for conferences and workshops. VACE is dedicated to enhancing the professional development of individuals working in the fields of career development, cooperative education and recruitment. 

From its small beginning of about 20 charter members, the organization has grown steadily. One membership meeting is held annually at the Annual Conference. The Board of Directors generally meets quarterly.

Throughout the years, VACE has attempted to respond to the changing needs of the membership through its informational and developmental programs and through activities that encourage information exchange. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to guide the organization in this effort and provide continuing professional development opportunities to the membership.

View the VACE 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Operations Manual:

This document provides operational information to assist individuals leading and contributing to the organization.

The administrative manual includes information related to:

  • Board responsibilities
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Constitution
  • Policies & Procedures

Download the VACE Operations Manual here.

Updates are made periodically by the Director of Operations.